The Plugin #1

For your Short URLs

in WordPress

The ShortUrl Tracker Plugin to manage your Short Links!

We have developed the ShortUrl Tracker plugin to allow you to create short URLs directly from the administration of your WordPress site. No more long URLs, no more copying and pasting URLs, no more building URLs on a site or on an Excel file, no more reducing the URL on another site. Everything is done from the administration of your Site. From your website you create, share and follow links in your digital communications!

What does the ShortUrl Tracker plugin do?

Our plugin combines the functionality of several services in one place:

  • Create short URLs from your site by directly searching your pages, articles, products.
  • Add URL parameters(Google Analytics or custom).
  • Retrieve a QRcode dedicated to your Link
  • Track the performance of your Link over time (click, device, order, revenue etc…)
  • Create Campaigns and group links
  • Track the performance of your campaign
  • Customize the duration of a sale.
  • (coming soon) Create a page of all your important links (social networks, current projects etc…)

Why choose the ShortUrl Tracker Plugin?

ShortUrl Tracker is connected directly to the core of your Site. Adapted to the wordpress interface, it will bring you a fluid, clear and efficient use. Generate your links, share them directly from your administration and follow their performance!

For example, you decide to partner with an influencer.

Provide it with a unique link (possibly add Google Analytics tracking parameters). All you have to do is follow the performance of your collaboration. We provide you with a 360° view of all your paid and unpaid partnerships. Retrieve key information such as revenue, devices used and number of unique visitors! All this provided in real time!

Let’s also imagine that you launch a Paid campaign.

Paid advertising platforms such as Meta, Adwords or Twitter Ads offer you their own dashboard. With ShortUrl Tracker, you provide your links on these platforms to retrieve in real time the performance of these paid campaigns from your Site. Create a global campaign, define links for each segment and get a global view!

What if you wanted to launch a large poster campaign throughout France?

From the administration of your Site, you can create a Global campaign for this operation. Create a unique link per region. Our plugin even allows you to define a name and in addition it provides you with a unique QR Code for this link. Then, you just have to integrate these QR Codes in your creations. To finish, you just have to admire the performance of your operation from the dashboard of your Campaign available on your Site.

Pricing for brands and companies of all sizes

Choose the license that fits your business!

Annual fee
(2 months free!)

FAQ ShortUrl Tracker plugin

How many Links can I create?

It depends on your choice of license (Free: 60/month, Medium: 240/month, Premium: unlimited).

How do I change my license?

To change your license, log in to your customer area. Under subscription you will find your subscription and the possibility to change your license. Fees may apply depending on the change of license. Please note that a new license key is provided at each change of license level!

Will I lose my links if I change my license?

You will always find your Links if you change your License. Be careful, the Free license only displays the last 30 days so if you downgrade, you will not be able to display your old links.

Can I group links?

Yes, it is possible to create a campaign and attach several links to this campaign. A dashboard is generated for each campaign.

Is there any documentation for the plugin?

Yes, the documentation is available here. You will find all the explanations for the installation and use of the ShortUrl Tracker plugin

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! To cancel your subscription, you can go to your customer area and deactivate the subscription from the Subscription > View > Cancel tab. Please note that the cancellation of the subscription will be effective from the next renewal date. From this date, the license will no longer be functional.

ShortUrl Tracker Documentation

The documentation of our plugin can be found here. If you have any questions, you can also contact us by email or via the page of our plugin available on